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Do you ever feel like your doctor, nutritionist, yoga teacher, or life coach isn’t seeing the whole picture? Do you ever feel like they aren't really listening to you?


Most practitioners out there only know one-size-fits all ways to work with conditions. And that is because they were trained to treat ‘conditions’, where I work with People. My functional approach looks at everything going on in your body, mind, spirit, and life. I look at your personal and family history to understand YOUR story and what has brought you to your current state, because only once we truly understand the present and all the contributing factors, can we effectively and efficiently direct changes in our health and wellness, business, and life.  


You have the power to transform your health, wealth, and life. But ONLY YOU can do it. 

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I'm Emily Kaspari, Yoga Therapist, Functional Nutrition Consultant, Empowerment Coach, Transformation Guide, and Speaker. 

My passion is to empower women to take control of their health, lives, and happiness. I integrate ancient time-tested tools with modern cutting-edge therapeutic lifestyle guidance to teach them to free themselves of the restraints of dis-ease.

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